Monday, 4 July 2011

Car Rally Fun

We could hardly have asked for a better day for the 'Classic Car Rally' yesterday - a gorgeous day and hot too. In the shop I seemed to be selling a constant stream of cans out of the fridge and it was so hot for Edera out in the sunshine on the door that I had to go and scrounge a hat for her from the Mess Room. Never thought that I would hear her complaining about how hot it was in Kirkby Stephen!

I was so busy inside that I only got to scout around outside a couple of times but what a wonderful collection of cars there eh? I guess that there must have been nearly forty and there was such a great variety. Phil Thompson and his team had their work cut out getting everyone a pitch in our car park and it was lucky that we could borrow some parking over on the other side of the station for other visitors.

So many beautiful cars. I look forward to seeing them all, and the really classic 'near vintage' end is so interesting. But personally I have a soft spot for the stuff that I remember in my youth - the Morris 1000 and Fort Escort end of the universe.

This event is really 'shaping up' as a part of the Kirkby Stephen East calendar and if you didn't manage to make it yesterday be sure not to forget it in 2012!

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