Thursday, 7 July 2011

Return of '65033'

I was selecting some pictures this week to use in the main 'Stainmore 150' guide and we have been given permission from the Locomotive Conservation and Learning Trust to use this photo of '65033' in the section on 'visiting locomotives'. It is a timely reminder of the attractions of J21's as some of us will be across to Shildon next week to help get the engine ready to bring over to Kirkby Stephen next month.

If you haven't seen a J21 with a full boiler of steam you simply haven't lived!

The occasion here is surely the RCTS Railtour of 7 May 1960. I thought it was earlier in the year because of the bare oaks but looking carefully at the picture the 'May' is already in blossom. And the light fits too - from the south west and quite low in the sky. I'm not sure where on the Eden Valley line this picture was taken but the train was timed to depart 17:01 from Penrith and arrive at Kirkby Stephen East 17:48. That is the last time any J21 showed up at  KSE - a quick 'back of an envelope' calculation suggests that it has been 18,688 days since '65033' last drew up on the Darlington Platform.

But next month you will have the opportunity to see her here again.

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