Friday, 1 July 2011

Aerial View

Here is an interesting photograph that Mark Keefe sent me yesterday. To take it he had to get a ladder and clamber up onto the station roof but it was certainly worth the effort. It shows just how far the platform extension has come over the last couple of weeks.

You can begin to see the final layout here quite clearly - which is just as well I guess as it will be in use in eight weeks time. On the right is the running line and on the left the siding into the Tebay Platform. In the middle is the new 'West Bay' where I guess the DMU will be usually parked up. Yes, for the first time in its 150 year history Kirkby Stephen East has its own 'bay' platform. I wonder why it was never built that way, as 'Barney' station was?

Still a bit of track to lay there lads ...

The really striking thing here is that we have a heck of a platform area now - you could actually use this space quite creatively to hold events. Outdoor concerts, shows, business presentations ... a space like this is an asset. Maybe we could even have a bandstand there!

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