Friday, 3 June 2011

Model Show Tomorrow

Coming over to Kirkby Stephen East for the Model Railway Show tomorrow? I was up at the Heritage Centre for a few hours this afternoon and before the crew arrived to start setting up for the event I took the opportunity to sweep the platform - somehow it has got very dusty during the last few weeks with all the work outside the west end.

Just before four exhibitors started to arrive and as you can see there was soon a line of layouts spread along the Darlington Platform and in some of the adjacent rooms. By the time I came away there was already quite a mixture of 'N' and '00' gauge layouts in evidence.

Portable layouts always fascinate me, all that effort in construction to make sure that they fit together seamlessly. But at the same time they have to be robust to cope with all the transportation involved and the changes in temperature.

Hope we will see you at Kirkby Stephen East some time tomorrow! The weather looks set to be fine and I think we will have quite a crowd over the weekend. Admission is £2, with children under 14 at £1. Some good stuff in the shop too.

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