Saturday, 18 June 2011

Platform lamp-posts installed

Another chilly day at Kirkby Stephen East - whenever is this summer ever going to arrive? Today the volunteers installed the three cast iron lamp posts on the new platform extension, fitted the cable tubes and cemented them into place.

Whenever I did any work of this kind in my old garden in Lancashire I had a neighbour who just loved to come across and tell me that he 'couldn't help but notice' that whatever I had just cemented into the ground was not quite vertical. No risk of that with the KSE team. Everything was double checked for squareness and adjusted for height, lines and 'levels' were everywhere.

The heads of these lamps aren't fitted yet - they will need to await the wiring of the outdoor circuit. But I can't wait to see what they look like lit up on a warm summer evening when the trainshed doors are open and a locomotive is in steam with a couple of Gresley teak coaches in tow. That day is surely coming.

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