Saturday, 23 April 2011

Croglin Castle

I have just put some new material from Ann Sandell up on our main 'Stainmore 150' site in the history section under 'railway and town. It is the first of a number of additional local history articles I am going to load over the next few days and you can find it here.

Pub histories always interest me. I used to work in the licensed trade once myself and I soon realised that every pub has its own character and pedigree.

Also - like the 'Crog' - they generally go through many different 'iterations' during their working lives as institutions. As Ann explains, first the 'Crog' was a rather up-market hotel for tourists, then a pub for the old auction mart and  railwaymen, and is now a 'local' for the surrounding housing that has grown up over the years and for passing traffic on the A685.

She says it is haunted too. But for more details take a look at her article yourself!

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