Friday, 22 April 2011

'F.C. Tingey' back together

Mike sent me a copy yesterday of a photograph of our 'Peckett' 2084 Saddle Tank 'F.C. Tingey'.  A crane arrived on Monday to lift the saddle tank and cab back onto the boiler and frames and now 'Fred' looks every inch a fine locomotive once more.

It must be nine months since these parts were removed to enable work on re-tubing the boiler to be done. In fact I can remember the day - it was in the week before we had the Japanese choir in Kirkby Stephen last summer. Edera and I were driving into Kendal and there was a very large yellow hydraulic crane removing the green plate work from a small locomotive in the station yard. When I took the ladies from the choir around Kirkby Stephen East the following week the carcass of the engine looked a bit like a mobile 'field kitchen' sporting only a silver stove-pipe chimney.

Now after a winter's hard work all those bits are back together again and the engine is parked back in the 'Darlington Platform' and will soon be in steam again and ready for the big event in August. If you haven't seen  'F.C. Tingey' yet be sure to drop in at Kirkby Stephen East sometime soon on a Saturday or a Sunday. Why not come and visit us this weekend and enjoy the free bus rides at the same time at the 'Classic Commercial Vehicle Rally?

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