Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Visit??

Just picked up a little bit of news today on my super-efficient ethernet 'grapevine'. I can reveal that rumour has it that we will be having a 'royal visit' to Kirkby Stephen East during our 'Stainmore 150' Re-enactment Day on Sunday 28th August.

So it looks like we will be going one very much better than Thomas Bouch and  the South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway Directors back in 1861. This time Her Majesty Queen Victoria herself may be one of the Guests of Honour on site during the 2011 celebrations.

I wonder if she will arrive in the LNWR Royal Train steaming in from Appleby along the Eden Valley Branch behind a 'Tennant' or Fletcher '901' Class. Possibly not. But get here she will.

My sources are not able to disclose yet what part Her Majesty will play in proceedings on the day but my extremely educated guess is that a spade, a sapling and a handful of Fison's might be implicated in all this. Maybe we can have a competition here on the 'Diary' to invite suggestions as to  what Her Majesty might do to help us make the day memorable. I look forward to your suggestions (and no laughter at the back there!)

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