Monday, 18 April 2011

Everyday Life in 1861

I received another local history page from Ann Sandell this morning for the main 'Stainmore 150' web site. You can find it here. She has taken a piece written by 'Poet' Close in 1861 and added her own researches into the biographies of the people he mentions.

'Poet' Close loved to hang around the new station bask in the 1860's, and his original piece presents a thumbnail sketch of the appearance and personality of his friends amongst the staff as they gather in the 'Porter's Room' for dinner. I wonder which of the rooms it was, I'm sure that some of the historians amongst the volunteers can tell us. Probably part for the area we now use for the shop, I would guess, or maybe the room at the west end that we currently use as a volunteer's mess room.

It is just so interesting to see these biographies, we are extraordinarily lucky to have this material and written during the first year of operation as a station too. Maybe we need a memorial to 'Poet' Close at the station because he has provided us with a unique record of the early operation of the place. One of those tasteful blue plaques would be nice ...

By the way - I love this contemporary engraving of S&D 103 'Darlington' on the Tebay mineral line - those two figures on the platform remind us that even 150 years ago grown men loved to stand and watch the trains go by!

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  1. A plaque would be a great idea and i would be happy to make a donation or supply a suitable plaque.

    Stephen Close.