Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cats go everywhere

Our station cat 'Quaker' featured in the '150 Diary' last week when Rieko and Tom from Tokyo came to take her picture for a new Japanese book in preparation on 'Station Cats'. Actually the previous week Sue had sent me this lovely picture of 'Quaker' settled on Mike's lap as he works on 'F.C. Tingey' which might have been handy if we hadn't been able to coax 'Quaker' out of the valve gear.

It is interesting how quickly and easily cats adapt to the interests and passions of their humans. In almost every context from the Amazonian jungles tot he polar ice caps cats seem to happily adapt to events in the the lives of their two-footed friends.

This particularly struck me this week because someone sent me a link to a cat on the deck of a boat involved in some dolphin watching. You can find this amazing little piece of film here.

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