Thursday, 12 May 2011

New 'Summit Sign' laid out ...

Two days ago I put up a picture of the new 'Stainmore Summit' sign being cut for us by Hydram at their factory at Ferryhill and today Mike has sent me a picture of the new sign laid out yesterday afternoon on the shop floor at the works. The operator who created the new sign is Martin Bayliss and in the background is his trusty 4.4Kw Bysprint Pro laser which was used to cut the plates.

I am told that they are heavy! Those are big bits of steel and the assembled sign will be twenty feet long - I certainly wouldn't want to have to carry them up to the top of a tall building!

Amazing the interest the new summit sign is already creating - I guess it is going to be as 'iconic' in its little way as the 'Angel of the North' if on a rather smaller scale and will soon be welcoming travellers on the A66 again as they cross into Westmorland. I am not yet if these plates will be stored at Kirkby Stephen East before they are taken for construction and erection at the summit by the A66 - watch 'Stainmore Diary' for further details. And please don't forget that we still need contributions to Sue Jones to cover the construction costs.

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