Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Platform Progress

Took this picture on Sunday of progress on the extension of the platform. Sea of mud job there eh? I can hear my granddad muttering "Just like the trenches!" With all the heavy equipment, deep holes and general mess out here we aren't going to be able to allow visitors to the Model Railway Show this weekend out of the trainshed to walk up the site.

But you can see the general lines of progress here. On the right the connection is complete between the new platform - built to modern UK railway standards - and the existing 'vintage' length of the Darlington Platform. The paving stones for the platform edge are all stacked up and ready to be laid. To the left you can see the two trenches for footings to widen the 4 metre single platform already constructed - this new platform will now have a double facing by August.

With the better weather work is advancing quickly - perhaps I'll put up an 'update' picture after next weekend so that you can check on progress.

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