Friday, 20 May 2011

KSGS visit soon.

I learned yesterday that we are expecting a visit from some of the students from Kirkby Stephen Grammar School before the end of term. Mrs. Rachel Steels, Head of the History Department, hopes to bring her Year 8 students up to Kirkby Stephen East one Wednesday before the summer holidays start.

Year 8 are just beginning their studies on the Industrial Revolution. As part of the project the plan is for one of the students to write up the visit and  I will publish their material either on the main '150 Site' or here on the '150 Diary'.

I am looking forward to receiving their stuff - and I hope I'm around at KSE on the day they visit. I used to love history and geography excursions when I was a teenager. And now we have enough material on site to make for some really interesting educational visits.

It is strange to think that not only does the current generation of students in the area have no idea about the reality of the railway that was once so important to the town, but actually the station was long closed even before their parents were born. Makes me feel old!

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