Monday, 9 May 2011

A question answered

It is nice to pose a question on this 'Stainmore Dairy and get an answer almost straight. That is what has happened with my question on Saturday "Where were the snow ploughs kept?"

It seems that my guess was 'inspired'. Two of the big NER  six wheel ploughs were generally stored away for winter use on the Engineer's Sidings just under Nateby Road Bridge above Stenkrith. Bryan Blundell, who owns Plough No.18 which will be on site at Kirkby Stephen East in August, sent me a copy of a picture taken in the 1950's of two of the NER Steel Ploughs parked there during the 1950's.

But here is an interesting picture from Mark Keefe. It seems that the routine was that during the summer the Kirkby Stephen ploughs would be hauled up from the storage sidings to the short spur at the west end of the station (exactly where we are currently laying the new platform) for annual maintenance - greasing and oiling and painting. Here is a picture that Mark has supplied of two of the earlier ploughs lined up for attention. It was taken by Eddie Foster, I would guess in the 1930's, and in the doorway of the near plough is Eddie's friend John Harrison.

This is a pretty interesting vehicle on the left too - an original vintage NER Engineer's Brake Van. I have seen a drawing of one exactly like it in a back copy of the Model Railway Constructor from the 1960's.

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