Thursday, 5 May 2011

Return to KSE

Arrived back in Kirkby Stephen Tuesday lunchtime after a long long trip. Somewhere on the main flight from Tokyo I started to sneeze and by the time I arrived at Heathrow on Monday afternoon I had a stonking cold and I had picked up a bronchial cough too by the time I got here. After a visit to the Upper Eden Medical Centre for some antibiotics for the chest and two days 'laid out' here from a combination of jet lag and fever I'm starting to hope that it is past its worst. Let's hope so!

Before it all really closed in on me on Wednesday morning I made a quick trip up to Kirkby Stephen East to take a look at recent progress for myself and took some pictures which I'll share here over the next few days. Apart from surfacing and the fitting of the platform lights work on the main platform extension is almost complete and now this work needs to be connected up with the existing 'Darlington Platform' in the area by Phyllis' flower bed.

What really impressed me though was the extent to which the site had also spread 'sideways' to the south. Although you still can't see it because of an internal wall the connection through to the 'Tebay Platform' is pretty well complete and ready for track and now that platform facing too has been extended west and the foundations for a 'bay' not unlike the original guards van siding here in NER days is being laid.

Over the next few days - as soon as I track down where I packed the lead I need to download pictures from my camera! - I will bring readers up to date.

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