Monday, 23 May 2011

KSE goes live on Ebay

I heard today that Cath Ainsley has recently set up a dedicated 'Ebay' account for the Stainmore Railway to sell donated items - and especially surplus shop stuff, items that we wouldn't normally stock in the shop at Kirkby Stephen East and donations that we may get a better price for with national coverage. She says that this will enable her to do something positive towards fundraising when she is unable to get over to Kirkby Stephen very often.

The account name on Ebay is stainmorerailway and she has already begun posting items.

Cath wants readers to know that she can accept donations of ANY item to sell on Ebay, just so long as it is in good condition and postable and within Ebay rules to list!  They don't have to be railway related - they could be household goods,  clothes and shoes, DVD's and CD's, any bric a brac or collectables etc. Certain larger or heavy items might be advertised for collection only, either from the KSE shop or from my Cath's house. She doesn't want to pass up anything that might raise funds for the project.

At the moment the scheme is being given a trial and we will review how it is going after a few months to see if it is worth continuing after Ebay have taken their commission. Cath adds that 100% of profits will go to the railway and comments "Anything recieved that I think may better used for a tombola or raffle I will keep for that purpose. Its all about maximising profit as we can"

If you want to donate items please contact Cath by e-mailing her on

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